For the love of carbs!


I was talking to my mom about a week or so ago and I was talking about my frustration of not losing weight. She said that I am doing amazing (best Mom ever!) but sometimes it’s best to kickstart a diet over again. She reminded me of the South Beach Diet and and how much success I had on it before. I knew that it would be much more difficult with all the temptations of college. My biggest downfall would be that most of my meals come from the Sorority house and I have no control over what they cook. I realized for me to actually go through with this diet I would need back up, so I roped my roommate Lauren into doing it as well. 5 days in, and I am definitely going stir crazy for some sort of pasta! Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite food is spaghetti and turkey meatballs! I am a big fan of the vegetable pasta, but I can’t even have that right now. For anyone who doesn’t know, the South Beach Diet is broken down into 3 phases. In phase one, it is two weeks without wheat, sugar, and alcohol, and it has some serious food limitations! So basically it has been salads for 2 of my three meals. Not that I don’t love a good salad, but there are only so many variations that fit a college budget! Phase two starts on February 4th and it can’t come soon enough!!

Also, completed my first week of Grace’s HILT workout. To say it kicked my butt would be an understatement, but I loved that it was a completely different workout everyday so I had it to look forward to!

27 days until the Glow Run 5k- Tuscaloosa! I officially can run the full length, so now I’m just concentrating on shedding some time off!

If anyone has any good Salad (or wheat/ sugar free) recipes I’d love to hear them!!


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