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5k time!


So it is officially “5k season” for me! I have run two so far and have three to go. I am hoping to improve my time by the last one. 


So my first race was the Glow Run, and it was a blast! I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t be dark by 6 o’clock but they made it work. I have been very blessed that both times I have run it has been in the upper 50’s lower 60’s. We got a neon shirt ( I chose orange) and about 10 glow sticks to either wear as bracelets or necklaces. I ran with Jackie and even attempted to drink a dixie cup of water half way through! That was a terrible idea!! My ending time was 35:34 for 3.32 miles, and my average pace was 10:43. It was a little slower than my normal average mile place, but I was jus so excited that I finished! 

My sorority’s Gamma Phive K was yesterday and it was a doozy! I finished it in 34:54 for 3.26 miles averaging a 10:41 mile pace. I was hoping to seriously shred off time because I knew where I was going, but that was not the case. For anyone that lives in Delaware knows that hills are not a thing that people in Sussex County run on. I was rocking the first mile at 9:26 (fastest so far) but the entire second mile was an uphill battle, both figuratively and literally. I do have to say that it was so amazing to hear all my sisters cheering me on (and the other runners) along the race and as I crossed the finish line. I have the Shamrock run (KD’s philanthropy) and hopefully one during spring break left, until going to 10k’s this summer. Benjamin and Caitlyn came and supported our philanthropy and rocked it as well 🙂


I have been training indoors for the 10K running 4 miles and 4.5 miles on the elliptical for the past week. I am hoping to move up to 5 miles this week, and get out side to see if I can run the 4 outdoors as well. I definitely hit the “runners wall” at about 1.7 miles, and by 3 miles I have hit my groove, so I don’t think it is going to be a matter of not being able to do it, but if my body, mainly the muscles on top of my ankle, will let me keep running without dragging my foot along the way. I am still doing weight’s at the gym, and am even starting to enjoy it. I am still more of a machine girl, but Drew is getting me into free weights. I hit my “4 month” mark since I started this journey and I am really excited about how far I have come. I am sitting here typing about running up to 5 miles, when on November 1st I was praising myself on just getting to the gym. I am down 13.25 inches over all (since December 15th) and down 19 lbs. Can’t wait to see where I am by May!


Hi Ho Hi Ho… back to the gym I go!


Shew! I didn’t realize I had so much cooped up energy/ steam to let out until I hit the elliptical tonight. Just needed one mile to stay on pace, but before I knew it I was at 1.98. Well that’s a small lie, who doesn’t look at the monitor every five seconds to see where the dot on the track is, or their heart rate. But regardless, I rocked out (literally, to rock music) three miles, in 27:03! Now I understand that you are about a minute or so faster on machines than actual running, but I was still pumped. So far I have completed 12.5 miles out of 31, so almost half way there!

I then went over to the ever so dreaded mats to do some ab workouts. The only spot available was next to two guys that had clear 8 packs, and looked to be training for worlds strongest man. So I took my dear sweet time stretching in hopes that they would be done and leave. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. So I got down to the mat and did three sets of crunches, and side crunches in reps of twenty-five. They have become easier to accomplish, but the burn is definitely still there. Fingers crossed every night that if I flex hard enough and long enough so sort of muscle will appear in my abdominal region. And then came the push-ups. I DREAD push ups, but i’m not a huge fan of free weights either so I’ll take whatever arm workout I can get from push-ups. Even with my knees on the ground (girl push-up) I was screaming on the inside by number 7 every rep. I am 98% sure that the gym rats next to me thought I was crazy, and they could probably do it in their sleep. But, you gotta start somewhere to become better at all. I went to the first floor afterwards and did some of the machines, hoping to get my legs as toned as they were in high school. 

One of my favorite things about my University’s gym is the sauna. There is just something so relaxing about it to me. Gives me time to clear my head, relax my muscles, flush out unwanted toxins, and forget that it is only 40 degrees outside. On my way out I pick up Smoothie King’s Green Tea Fat Burning pills to see if they help along with the diet and exercise. I have used some of their stuff before and it worked pretty well so we will see. 

Anyway, I am officially down 8lbs  from November 1st!! I can’t really see any physical results yet, but I know that it won’t get any better if I just stop because i’m not getting results right away. 

oh, and Roll Tide!