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Snow Day!


Snow days are great for a multitude of reasons, mainly involving days off of work and school. But it has a lot of down falls too. Essentially, taking days off from your diet and working out. But I would have to say that over all I did better than expected. Like most, the thought of snow in Alabama makes me laugh, so I didn’t properly stock up on food for the next three days. Day 1 was fine because we still had food for White Chicken Chili and Salads, and the morning part of day two was okay because we have scraps here and there. Then came Wednesday (day 2) night. There was no food to be found in the apartment and no fast food chain or store opened. The only things that were available were rolls (wheat), cheese puffs (just bad!), or pudding. It was terrible, to the point of going to bed super early so that I wouldn’t eat. But lo and behold we made it through!!! Day 3 and things are opening back up. Granted I still ate a salad from home, but it was the mind set that I could go out and get something else if I wanted. 

Snow days can also be bad for exercise, with such a good excuse! Who would want to go out in freezing temperatures- it can’t be good for the body- or “if school is out we shouldn’t be outside long enough to go anywhere, it’s too dangerous.” Both of these scenarios were said out loud multiple times each day. But the great thing about being in a routine of working out now is that even though those thoughts go through my mind, I ultimately know I’m going to work out anyway. Which is a surprisingly great feeling! Since the Student Rec was closed Caitlyn and I YouTubed Butt’s and Gut’s workout. The first few options were a bit shaky, but when we found a lady in combat pants and a black tank top. She looked so intimating she had to be good, right?! Although it was tough, I think our self made impromptu workout was harder. Yesterday, Lauren, Kahlyn and I finally decided to leave the house long enough to get a little workout in at out gym. It was packed! So I did squats, lunges, crunches, and a few weights and called it a day. Finally, today it was nice enough out to go running, and I loved the fresh air! Caitlyn and I did a total of 2.76 miles in 32 minutes, but we had to walk a half of a mile where there was still snow and ice behind buildings.

I am starting to really enjoy running outside. I clears my heads, it’s relaxing, and I’m not cursing every step of the way. That is a HUGE improvement from my first run in November! February 1st will be 3 months since my total body transformation and I couldn’t be happier! I have started to see where the weight is gone and everything is just a little thinner. I am 17 pounds down after 3 months, so I can’t wait to see what I am 6 months down!! ImageImage